DIY Farmhouse Sign

Mr. Ber and I have been very slowly updating our home since his grandfather moved in with us. Since we’ve finished all but the front door on the outside of our home I have moved my focus to the interior. I had so much fun decorating Gramps’ room that I’ve been really eager to complete every other room. Like most, though, my eyes are larger than my pocketbook. 

I love the farmhouse style that’s all the rage thanks to our favorite HGTV couple. After searching Pinterest I found this DIY that I knew would be perfect for our living room. 

Courtesy of Christina’s Adventures

The original blogger used a few different materials than myself so be sure to compare and find what works for you. 


  • Scrap wood (cut to your desired size)
  • Saw (if needed)
  • Hand sander
  • Paint (I used Sharpie paint pens)
  • Ball point pen
  • Printed word/saying

Start by selecting the word or saying you would like to transfer to wood. I chose “gather” simply because our living room is the focal point of our home. Choose your favorite font and print your word. For my sign I printed one letter per page and connected them with masking tape. 

Look at my beautiful shadow there on the floor.

Because my letters didn’t connect I drew those lines as well. Don’t worry about messing up. 

I’d asked Mr. Ber to save a piece of cedar for me from our scrap pile. It had turned a beautiful grey and had a rather rough side that I sanded slightly. 

I would love to tell you that I measured precisely before I cut this, but that didn’t happen. I did distress the edges slightly. 

Next I placed my “stencil” on the wood and taped it down. Y’all ready for the hard part? Trace the letters. Apply pressure so that you leave an outline in the wood. 

After tracing my letters I used the same pen to lightly outline my grooves in the wood. It’s much easier than putting my glasses on, right?

All that’s left is paint! I used the Sharpie oil based paint pens on my letters and had to do several coats. For my laurels I found an old can of white paint and used my kids paintbrush. I love the Sharpie pens, but for raw wood I’d recommend something different. 

This was the first coat. In the end I did three coats and achieved an antique look. 

I love the final product! Now to find the perfect place to hang it. 

The entire project took less than a day. I did take several breaks to allow paint to dry and hang out with our son. There’s another scrap piece of wood calling my name and I think we may pay homage to our home state. 

I can’t wait to see your creations! Leave your pictures in the comments! 


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