DIY Cake Stand

Next month I’m hosting a baby shower for my best friend. Of course I want everything to be perfect. So, I’ve been hunting a vintage metal cake stand at our local flea markets. Don’t you just love those cake stands? Apparently everyone else does, too. I’ve had no luck. I’ve found several beautiful stands, like this one from Lights & Decor, online.

Available for purchase by following the link above.
But, I was really hoping to find one locally. And, most importantly, one that is actually vintage.

I’d visited approximately five flea markets and antique stores this particular day when my eye was drawn to a corner that looked as if it had been forgotten. There I found several boxes of parts. Some were legs to tables, some shutters, some stool tops… and that’s when the idea struck me. On a nearby table were carved candle sticks. Chunky. Ornate. Perfect. I sat one of those stool tops on that candle holder and what do you know, it worked. It just worked!

Pieces found at my favorite shop: 49 South Antiques
I knew I was going to darken the top a bit, but I loved the texture. I bought it and brought it home to sit on my counter for a few days while I decided how I wanted to tackle the project.

Here is where I skipped taking pictures of the sanding and staining process for the top. We’ll pretend it’s here anyway. After the stain had dried I used my trusty measuring tools (the notepad and pencil) to draw lines and find the center of the disk. After my “measurements” were where I thought they should be I used E6000 to secure the top to the candle stick.

Side note: If you don’t have E6000 go out and buy the big tube. We use it to fix everything! It’s available at Walmart or your favorite hobby store. 

If you look closely you can see my measurements.

We left this to dry overnight or approximately 8 hours. The next morning it had set.

This is the final product:

Cupcakes by Cupcakes at Turtle Creek

I love the different textures and already have plans for it after the shower. It will look great on a table or shelf holding candles or other trinkets we’ve acquired.


  • Stool top – found for $3.50
  • Candle holder – found for $7.95
  • Minwax Walnut stain – had on hand
  • E6000 – had on hand
  • Sandpaper – on hand

Total cost for the project: $11.45

Check every corner when you visit your favorite markets. Look behind things. Most importantly, keep an open mind. This stand will look beautiful sitting under a dainty shower cake.

Show me what you’ve created in the comments below.


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