Busy, busy bees

Let me tell you that when I created this blog I did not anticipate that our lives would become so crazy. This has been an insane year for us. I mentioned before that we had some personal issues that needed our full attention and after that subsided we were blindsided with something else. This one I can talk a little more openly about.

For months our oldest has complained off and on about her lower leg hurting. We assumed, as most parents would, that the shoes she chose to wear were the culprits. Who’s to tell a 16 year old not to wear flats, sandals, and wedges all the time? We also noticed it bothered her most after more strenuous activities. Because she’d rather binge watch her favorite show than do most other things, she would tell you the same, we thought that also contributed to it. Finally, we made an appointment with the doctor and teased her that the doctor would also tell her to wear better shoes. Which he did, but that isn’t where this is going. An appointment, an abnormal x-ray, and a visit to Arkansas Children’s Hospital later and we were scheduled for surgery!

Yep, you read that right. We found out that there was a growth on the bone in her leg. We were left in the dark about what it might be for a few weeks. Let me tell you what it’s hard to stay calm about! After visiting an ortho at ACH we found out it was a growth called an osteochondroma and it was benign. Surgery was scheduled two weeks later.

Between the first ACH visit and surgery Mr. Ber, Boo, and I went to visit my bestie and her husband in Texas. I finally got to visit Magnolia Market! I could have spent days there, but I will save that for another post. There was also an incident with a bear. Again, I’ll give the details in another post, though I may never hike with my husband again.

As of last week we have a kiddo with a bandaged leg that is learning the ins and outs of using crutches. The littles are learning that we have to help our older sister and are receiving a good bit of summer chores so that we can stay on top of things as if nothing has happened. There will still be a few trips back and forth to appointments, but it feels as if things might be slowing down a bit.

There will be much more time to devote to Simply Ber in the near future and I plan to get everything lined up to keep the content rolling. For now, though, there is a fishing pole and river calling my name.

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