Creative Fabrica

My name is Ber and I’m a fontaholic.

Seriously y’all, I download all the fonts. Take a gander at my Pinterest board if you don’t believe me. Don’t forget to follow me while you’re there.

One of my pins care of Dawn Nicole Designs
About a month ago I was wasting time  checking in with my favorite Facebook friends and noticed a post from my cousin about a free download when signing up for Creative Fabrica. Free? Free is my favorite word. Browsing their site brought me to cute prints, more fonts, and bundles galore. This is a wonderful place for personal and commercial use. I love using different fonts and images to create cards, prints to hang on our walls, or to tie into other crafts I may be completing.

At the beginning of each week I receive an e-mail with a link to the free font of the week. That’s right, Creative Fabrica will e-mail you a new font each week! And if you’re like me you are thankful that it’s only once a week, because some of these sites take their e-mail marketing a little too seriously, too often.

This weeks font is gorgeous! It reminds me of something I might find in one of my adult coloring books. I may have to make a couple of my own pages to color later on.

Look at this beauty.
I hope that y’all enjoy this site as much as I have. Feel free to share some of your favorites places to get fonts and images in the comments.

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