Lions and tigers and bears…oh my!

Part I

I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July! We enjoyed our yearly tradition of ice cream cones and a local fireworks show. It was something that I started with our oldest 6 or 7 years ago and has continued each year with the littles and my nieces (when they join us). What do you and your family do together?

I don’t think there’s a single picture in which Things 1 & 2 stood still.

As I mentioned last week we got the chance to take a little vacation between trips to the doctor. We try to do something yearly, but since I’ve been in school the budget doesn’t always allow for it. We were wondering where we could slip off to this year when my bestie called and asked if Mr. Ber liked Metallica. Um, yes. Yes he does. She and her husband very generously offered him a ticket to the June concert in San Antonio since the bestie wouldn’t be attending. Mr. Ber cleared his work schedule and we made sure the date was in the calendar. We were headed to Texas!

I need to clear the air here. I haven’t been to Texas many times, but I absolutely love every place we’ve visited. I used to joke that there could never be another group of people that loved their state as much as Texans love Texas, but in reality I would totally rock one of those stars that are on 99.8% of the homes there. Mr. Ber and I have even entertained the idea of moving there. I promise now that if we ever become Texans I will still be a Razorback at heart. Woo pig!

This was our first trip to Texas that wasn’t jam packed with holiday festivities or wedding preparations so I made it very clear to Mr. Ber that there were two places we could not miss. Magnolia Market and The Village Bakery. Joanna Gaines and kolaches are my spirit animals.

Because the BFF was also on her way home from Arkansas the same day we were traveling down I knew we would have a little extra time to hit Magnolia Market then. Boy did I need more time than I gave myself!

Tip 1: If you wish to see every inch of that property and enjoy all there is to offer give yourself a day. Get there early and leave late.

There’s so much to see and do! Because it was later in the day I decided to skip the bakery. The line was long and it was hot. Reason number 1 to go back. We first headed into the market to shop and O.M.G. I could buy it all!

Tip 2: Come with more money than you anticipate spending.

There are so many gorgeous homes decor pieces! If you’re anything like me your heart may flutter and your cheeks may become flush. Okay, maybe that was due to the sheer number of people in the same space; but I mentioned all the beautiful decor pieces, right? I don’t know that it’s possible to see everything available in once pass. Reason number 2 to go back. Even Boo was excited to visit! He watches Fixer Upper with me on occasion and remarked that the Silos didn’t look that big on TV. He ended up getting the cutest little contractor notebook set from Chip’s Corner. Because I could have spent all the money we have to our names I decided that I would just buy a shirt to commemorate my first trip there.

Tip 3: I almost forgot tip 3! Go ahead and bring $10 for parking.

After leaving Magnolia Market we decided Boo might need a break after many hours in the car and doing what mom wanted. We’d seen billboards advertising the Cameron Park Zoo and decided it was well worth the money to stretch our legs and kill more time. We arrived 45 minutes before the zoo closed, but it ended up being a blessing. We were one of 3 or 4 families in the entire zoo! The general lack of people made getting around easy, but the zoo itself is well laid out and easy to navigate. Although we lacked time we were able to see most everything there. Mr. Ber and I are quite fond of the Memphis Zoo and often find ourselves rating other zoos against it, but I’d say Cameron Park holds its own. Boo certainly enjoyed it.

I think every big cat we saw was extremely active that day. I don’t know if it was the heat or if we visited close to feeding time, but they were extremely vocal! I’d never heard tigers communicating that much.

I definitely recommend a visit if your and your family are in the Waco area. As far as summer trips go we found that the indoor exhibits are situated at perfect places to give you a chance to cool off before visiting more outdoor exhibits.

From here we were on to our destination.

There is much more trip to share! Come along for more of the adventure next week.

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