Lions and tigers and bears…oh my! (Part 2)

Part II

Waco was such a great highlight in our little trip. I’m looking forward to visiting again when we are a little less strapped for time. In the next post I will tell you about another little jewel we found there as we were traveling home.

Day two of our vacation was spent hanging out with the BFF and killing time until our favorite significant others headed off to bang heads at Metallica. Honestly, I would have been perfectly happy hanging out at the house and grabbing food from various places we don’t have here in Arkansas. Because Boo was with us we got out and did a little exploring.

One of the first stops was the HOPE Outdoor Gallery. I apologize in advance for taking no photos, but there was no way I was going to be responsible for making an 8 month pregnant woman walk a steep hill. The HOPE Gallery is an ever changing landscape of art created by local artists. We didn’t get a decent look, but I hope to go back and explore the property. In the meantime you can get more information about it here.

We can’t turn down a good zoo and the Austin Zoo is exactly the kind we like to visit. There are few frills because the animals here have been rescues or brought to the zoo for rehabilitation. Each animal has a unique story posted at their habitat. One of our favorites was a military macaw names Sarge. I wish he would have come out of hiding so I could take his picture, but he chose to talk to us from his sleeping quarters. If you are the type that enjoys donating to organizations that help animals I recommend giving to the Austin Zoo.

Speaking goose.
After the zoo we were introduced to Torchy’s Tacos. So good! And after that we relaxed. We had nothing else lined up for the day except the bat tour. If you’ve never done the bat tour I suggest you do. We really enjoyed it and I have a slight bat phobia. We did the Lonestar Tour and really enjoyed our captain.


What a great happy accident!

Like I said before, our trip to Texas was a short one. We had to make our way back to Arkansas so our oldest wouldn’t be left stranded at camp. 

Tune in for part 3 later this week when we get to the bears!


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