They have to know you want it.

Hey y’all!

Part 3 of Lions and tigers and bears will be published soon, but I wanted to take a break to catch everyone up on the goings on in our lives.

Our oldest has pretty well mastered the use of her crutches. Band camp starts soon and while she won’t be able to participate she will at least be able to attend and watch the routines. I think she’s ready to get back to normal and start bearing weight on that leg.

In the past I had mentioned that I am in school, but I’m not sure I’ve ever said what I was going for. I’ve spent the last few semesters taking general education courses so everything would be squared away when I applied to my school’s nursing program. In early May I completed my final gen ed course and took the required entrance exam. I mailed my application in almost a month before the actual application deadline. May was the longest month ever. Or so I thought. The June deadline came and went. Gramps asked me almost daily if I had heard whether or not I’d been accepted and almost daily I answered with the same, “Not yet, but I’m hoping it will be soon!”

At the end of June I received an e-mail stating that selections had been made and letters had gone out. Great! I have to wait longer! Luckily, though, I received my acceptance letter 2 days later.

I GOT IN, Y’ALL!!! What a relief it is to finally say, “I’m in the nursing program.” After opening that letter things just felt better. It’s so hard to explain, but I feel like I’ve been working towards this for so long. Since I left high school so many (many) years ago I have been doing. Not being. Just doing. Doing what needed to be done to make money, to live, to get by. Finally, I am working towards something that will not only better myself, but better my family and my community. I’m excited, to say the least.

Since getting my acceptance letter it feels like I have been on the go. Not only do I have to verify that I’ve had immunizations, I have to get new ones. Did you know that us old folks that can’t prove we had chicken pox have to get poked anyway to prove immunity? Last week I had a TB test, a tetanus shot, and the first of a string of vaccinations in one day. My arms still hurt! And all this has been the easy part! I’m lucky enough to have a family nurse that has helped me with this side of the process.

The other side of the process is the one that makes me want to pull my hair out. It’s the one that I feel was put in place to see how far one might go to prove they want to get an education. I’ve spent nearly two months trying to obtain information that I need so that I can send information back to the correct parties. Finally, fed up, I sent an e-mail complete with pictures proving that I couldn’t obtain the information I need. Apparently, that does the job. All I’m missing right now is the I need to speak to a manager haircut. That old adage that nothing worthwhile was ever easy couldn’t speak more clearly about my situation. I’ll press through, but I can’t promise I won’t cuss a little.

In other news, we have canned enough pickles to last years. My family doesn’t even eat many pickles, but for the last couple of summers I’ve felt the need to pickle every cucumber that enters our kitchen. Last year we even threw in some squash! We’ve been asking everyone we know if they want pickles. Our sweet neighbors often give our dog meat scraps during the summer and when they called last night I made sure to send Thing 2 over with some pickles. No one is safe. You will end up with a jar of pickles.

Come mid-August our lives will be much busier and a little (maybe a lot) more stressful, but I am going to work hard to bring you some goodies! Oh, and I forgot to mention that in the next couple of weeks Thing 1 is going to help me make a new coffee table for the living room. We can’t wait to bring that to you!

Keep watch for the last post in the Lions and tigers and bears series. SimplyBer Signature2



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